Nectarine Passionfruit Candle

Nectarine Passionfruit Concious Candle


These Conscious Coconut Candles are crafted with 100% sustainably sourced coconut wax. Natural coconut wax is non-toxic and has a clean, even burn allowing the fragrance to beautifully infuse your living space. The fruity Nectarine Passionfruit scent is both zingy and invigorating. 


Brand: Chickidee



93% Coconut Wax, 7% Fragrance oil



54mm Height | 60mm Diameter

Nectarine Passionfruit Candle

  • Don't leave burning for more than 3 hours. Please carefully read the candle care instructions before using your candle.

  • Approximately 20 hours


    Timings may vary